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General Motors car designer Harley Earl unveiled a two-seater 1951 LeSabre concept car at Watkins Glen racetrack in upstate New York in 1951. While watching the field of British and Italian sports cars careening around the track on that fateful day, Mr. Earl realized that American car companies weren't designing, engineering, and building anything like those fast, stylish, lightweight, and stunning vehicles that were flying around the track with such grace and ability. American cars were all ponderously large and heavy in comparison to the lithe European machines. Even his two-seat LeSabre, though low was wide, immense, and a heavy-looking beauteous beast of an automobile. 

1955-1970 Ford Fairlane History

Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions, Inc. 

The lead photo is of a fourth generation 1964 Ford Fairlane "Baby Bolt" hardtop that has just 9,200 original miles. The Baby Bolt has the same 289 CI small-block V8 with 271-horsepower that powers the K-code Mustangs. This Fairlane is ready for some drag racing, as it's equipped with a four-speed manual trans, Detroit Locker rear end, tow hooks, Sun Super Tach, and gauges. The car has all its original sheet metal and wears almost all its original Burgundy paint. 

What’s in a name? In the case of the Ford Fairlane, quite a bit. Ford Motor Company Founder Henry Ford and wife Clara lived in an estate on Fair Lane near Dearborn, Michigan. Ford produced the Fairlane from 1955-1970. In this article, we'll look back at Ford Fairlane history across six generations.

'67 Camaro SS/RS - Immaculate Drop-Top

This '67 convertible looks sharp with its vibrant red paint, chrome Cragar wheels, and white nose stripe.

When you've got a classic car you truly care about, keeping it clean is a never-ending labor of love. It gets dusted, washed, waxed, buffed, and polished, until you're painfully aware of every last imperfection. Some of us spend hours meticulously polishing the chrome, or detailing the interior, until our significant others complain that we don't even give them this much attention.

Tim Bair, of Huntington Beach, California, is obsessed with keeping his '67 Camaro sparkling clean, and for good reason. After all, he bought the car with earnings from his metal polishing and plating company, California Polishing. One look at the car tells you that Tim is good at what he does—it is simply immaculate.

'46 Chevy Truck - The Search for Perfection

With art-deco-era bodywork and a modern lowered stance, this classic Chevy is the perfect fusion of old and new.

Like most good things in life, finding a clean base for a restoration project is often a long and arduous task. You can't just expect someone to show up at your doorstep and hand you the keys to your dream car, you've got to get out there and search for it (or pay someone else big bucks to do the leg work for you).

Mike Guido, of Costa Mesa, California, knew exactly what he was looking for, and had the patience to endure years of fruitless searching. In fact, he looked for the right classic pickup to restore for over two decades. That level of dedication demands respect.

Thankfully for Mike, the search paid off, and he came upon the 1946 Chevy truck seen here.