Video: Going All-In with an 800hp '66 Nova

"It was never supposed to be this full build... One thing led to another, and it just kept going and going. And eventually I said 'you know what, let's just go all-in like we're in Vegas at the tables,'" said James Harris, the owner of this '66 Nova. The car was recently featured in a video by YouTube channel AutotopiaLA that gives us a closer look at some of its intricate details. It's powered by a 454ci LSX engine that's currently making about 800 horsepower at the crank.

Vice Grip Garage's "Frankenstein" 1973 Duster

"It's not perfect, and that's great. That's the whole point! You can slide this around in gravel, you can park it at Walmart and get dings, you can go enjoy some backroads. The kids can eat ice cream in it," said Derek Bieri of Vice Grip Garage. We can appreciate this sentiment, since keeping a classic car in flawless showroom condition is always a challenge, and accepting a car's small imperfections can make the day-to-day driving experience more relaxing. In a recent series of videos, Bieri shows how he saved this 1973 Duster from rusting away in a field, and rebuilt it with some parts from Classic Industries.

A Pair of '66 Ponies - Mustang Convertible & Shelby GT350 Tribute

Being immersed in the classic car hobby can lead to many great lifetime adventures and pursuits. Beach Gypsy Classics (BGC) is a growing business venture based in Orange County, California. Huntington Beach firefighter, paramedic, resident, and longstanding Classic Industries customer Chuck Stubbing, with his wife Kelly, started BGC after renovating a Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang notchback coupe.

1993 Fox Mustang - Style & Speed for Street, Strip, Track, & Show

Somewhere along the streets of San Jose, CA there's a Reef Blue Fox body Mustang a prowlin'. You're apt to hear it before you see it, and by the time you see it, it's gone baby gone. The personalized license plate reads STL SLW. Is this 1993 Mustang coupe named after the famous racehorse Seattle Slew? No. The plate stands for STILL SLOW.

All Chevy Performance: Chevy Nova Gas Tank Replacement DIY Guide

Every gearhead knows the importance of regular oil changes, but when was the last time you considered the condition of your vehicle's fuel system? Over the years, sediment and debris can accumulate inside the gas tank, and while the fuel filter should stop it from entering the engine, it can cause other kinds of havoc. Such was the case for All Chevy Performance's 1977 Nova project — rust inside the tank had clogged up the fuel gauge sending unit, causing the car to run out of gas unexpectedly.

1965 Mustang Fastback - Cale Yarborough Eat Your Heart Out!

A year after deciding not to purchase a 1969 Shelby GT350 Mustang, I was still regretting passing up on buying that rare and racy machine. I had used some of that money by investing in myself and going back to school to obtain a K through 8th grade multiple subject teaching credential. Looking back, I made many positive life decisions in that year since not buying the GT350.