1967 Camaro RS - Simple Elegance

Trends may come and go, but a true classic never really goes out of style. The first-generation Camaro is a perfect example of this principle. More than 50 years after its debut, this automotive icon still looks just as good as it did when it left the showroom floor. And even though many of the components of these cars have worn out and aged, the availability of a myriad of original-style replacement parts makes it easy to restore a Camaro to like-new condition.

1968 Firebird - Built for the Open Road

There are many situations in which "too much of a good thing" is a real possibility. Even the things we love can get tiresome if we experience them in excess, like eating chocolate at every meal or listening to a favorite song 24/7. But for Katina Kaliterna, of San Pedro, California, this logic doesn't apply to her restored 1968 Firebird. She drives it every chance she gets, racking up miles with a smile on her face. Take one look at the beautiful Pontiac, and you'll understand why she feels this way.

1967 Chevy C10 - Revitalized Stepside

Every project has to start somewhere, and customers often tell us about the rough state their vehicles were in before restoration began. While we always enjoy hearing these stories and seeing the spotless completed projects, it's not often that we get to observe the starting point of these builds. But on rare occasions, rather than describing the unrestored condition of a car or truck, an owner will share some photos of exactly what it looked like on day one of ownership. Such is the story of this 1967 Chevy C10.

1977 Camaro Type LT - Original-Style Restoration

As the years pass, many classic cars diverge from their stock form. Often this is due to the inevitable wear and tear on original components from driving or exposure to the elements. Instead of sourcing original-style reproduction parts, some owners will take their cars in a different direction and begin making modifications. While there's certainly nothing wrong with modding a car to make it your own, we also enjoy seeing classics restored to exactly as they looked when they rolled off the assembly line.

'69 Camaro RS/SS - Green Machine

You don't see green cars on the road very often, and this gorgeous hue had us wondering why that is.

If you're anything like us, you didn't become a car guy overnight. You probably grew up around cars, and they've been a part of your life since childhood. A true passion for classic cars often begins while wrenching in the garage with Dad, cruising the streets with your best friends, or blasting down the drag strip on weekends. Then, over many years, it becomes an integral part of who you are.