1969 Dart GTS - A-Body Muscle

When it comes to Mopar muscle cars, many people tend to think of E-body vehicles such as the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth 'Cuda, or B-body vehicles like the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Road Runner. The Mopar A-body served as a platform for smaller and more economical cars like the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. However, the A-body also proved it could hold its own in the muscle car arena.

1969 Dodge Dart GT - 430,000 Original Miles

We're always impressed to hear about "survivor" cars, found in barns or dusty garages in all-original condition with extremely low miles. However, it's just as cool to see vehicles at the opposite end of the spectrum. Some classic cars are daily-driven year after year, decade after decade, racking up miles and soldiering on with incredible reliability. Such is the case for this 1969 Dodge Dart GT. Its slant-6 engine has covered nearly 430,000 miles without a single rebuild.

1967 Dart Convertible - Top-Down Every Day

There's nothing quite like driving a convertible, especially when that convertible is a classic. Cruising with the top down and a cool breeze in your hair is one of those experiences that's bound to put a smile on your face. However, changing ambient temperature and weather conditions means you'll probably end up driving with the top up sometimes — unless you're Mario Molina. He tells us he put the top down on his 1967 Dodge Dart 10 years ago, and hasn't put it back up since then.

1973 Dodge Dart Sport - Back on the Road

1973 marked a turning point in the history of the automobile. Increasing restrictions on tailpipe emissions had already begun to impact horsepower ratings, and new crash protection safety standards led to increases in the size and weight of vehicles. Then, in October of '73, the OPEC oil embargo would cause fuel prices to skyrocket. Despite these challenges facing the muscle car segment, fun and exciting cars could still be found if you knew where to look.

1972 Dodge Demon - Fun in the Sun

The name "Demon" has received substantial interest the last few years as a result of the 2018 SRT Demon, a heavily-modified Dodge Challenger that can run the quarter mile in an astonishing 9.6 seconds. But the origin of this MOPAR car name can be traced back to 1971, when it was released as a sporty fastback version of the Dodge Dart.

1969 Dodge Dart GT - Quick Coupe

The Dodge Dart is the definition of a car that punches above its weight class. Introduced in 1960 as an entry-level full-size model, the Dart quickly garnered a reputation for being both affordable and reliable. In 1967, thanks to a substantial redesign and more powerful engine options, the Dart became even more popular as an inexpensive platform for hot-rodding. It might not have had the raw power of a top-of-the-line Charger or Coronet, but it was significantly more affordable and had what all hot-rodders truly crave: potential.

1968 Dodge Dart - Street/Strip A-Body

At Classic Industries, we love a good resto-mod build, and this mean 1968 Dodge Dart certainly ticks all the boxes. Owner David Fritz, of Irvine, California, knew from day one that he wanted to build an aggressive machine that could do double-duty on the street and drag strip, and he executed his plan over the course of 7 years. When he bought the Dart, it was a humble inline-6 in rough shape, and he tore it all apart to rebuild it with a different purpose entirely. This A-body Mopar car is made to turn heads and win races.

2015 MOPAR Catalog - New Restoration Parts!

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