GM Transmission Identification Guide: Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, & More

Have you ever wondered, "What transmission do I have?" As time marches on, technology changes. Classic car restoration is not a new hobby, and the older the project car, the more likely it is that someone has installed a different transmission at some point along the way. Modern 6-speeds are easy to spot, and 5-speeds are not difficult either, but when it comes to older 4-speeds and automatics, the increased variety can muddy the waters. So, whether you are heading out to check out a "For Sale" ad that could be your next project or trying to make heads or tails of a junkyard find, the following charts can be useful guides when it comes to GM transmission identification.

The Dad Factor - A Father's Day Tribute

An Enthusiast is Born

You could say I have been in the auto parts business since I was about 10 years old. As a youngster I would often spend the weekends and summers at work with my dad at his salvage yard in Florida. Dad would give me tools and provide a “job” for me to do or he would give me “my own car” as a project and let me tinker away on it to pass the time.

1968-72 Chevy II / Nova SS Hood Louvers and Bezels

Beautiful new die-cast reproductions of the finned style hood louvers originally installed on 1968-72 Chevy II and Nova Super Sport models. Each louver is an exact reproduction of the original with black paint and chrome accents for an authentic factory appearance. Installation hardware and seals are included with the louvers. The bezels are manufactured from new tooling with a bright chrome finish and correct mounting tabs as original. Hood louver to hood gaskets sold separately.

Repair Your Scratched Dash Lens With OER® Secret Formula

Fixing a Scratched Dash Lens

If your vehicle has scratched, hazy instruments, you may need to clean and polish your dash lens. Scratched dash lens repair is a very simple process, and it's a great way to refresh the look and feel of your interior, and Classic Industries is here to help.

Firstly, you'll want to remove your lens from the instrument housing. This process varies from car to car, so if you're uncertain, consult an assembly manual for your vehicle to see how it's all put together.