All Chevy Performance: Chevy Nova Gas Tank Replacement DIY Guide


Every gearhead knows the importance of regular oil changes, but when was the last time you considered the condition of your vehicle's fuel system? Over the years, sediment and debris can accumulate inside the gas tank, and while the fuel filter should stop it from entering the engine, it can cause other kinds of havoc. Such was the case for All Chevy Performance's 1977 Nova project — rust inside the tank had clogged up the fuel gauge sending unit, causing the car to run out of gas unexpectedly.

Lead photo courtesy of Mecum Auctions, other photos courtesy of All Chevy Performance.

1977 Nova Gas Tank Replacement


Looking underneath the '77 Nova, the team was greeted with an expanse of rusty metal. It's no surprise the inside of the tank wasn't any cleaner. Thankfully, replacing the fuel tank provided an opportunity to solve the fuel gauge problem and clean things up significantly back here.


After removing the tank strap bolts with an impact gun and lowering the tank out of the way, the ACP team hit all nearby surfaces with a wire brush to knock off as much rust and dirt as possible.


After searching the Classic Industries Nova catalog, ACP ordered an original-style replacement 21-gallon tank as well as a new sending unit and straps. The black rubber strip in the bottom left is an anti-squeak rubber set that prevents rattles and vibrations.


The new sending unit was dropped into the tank, and the included O-ring and retaining ring were carefully aligned using a screwdriver and mallet.


A fresh layer of undercoating was applied to clean up the Nova's undercarriage, and the gas tank straps were positioned in preparation for installing the tank.


Before installing the new tank, the rubber anti-squeak strips were mocked up and cut to the appropriate length using a razor blade.


The tank was slid into place, with its filler neck aligned upward. The sending unit power wire and fuel line were connected, and then the straps were bent into shape and tightened. An extra pair of hands is helpful for this stage of the project.


What a transformation — not only does the Nova look much better underneath, but it'll run better and display the fuel level reliably now that the tank isn't full of several decades worth of gunk.

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