Wheel Backspacing and Offset - Understanding the Wheel

What are wheel backspacing and offset? What's the difference? Unless you go through a lot of different wheels and tires or spend your free time with suspension engineering, the terms backspacing and offset probably do not come up very often. Thankfully, Classic Industries is here to help with simple explanations and a useful diagram. What is Wheel Backspacing? Backspacing is the simply the distance from the bolt circle mounting surface … Continue reading »

1973 Drag Camaro

Every car has a story, especially for enthusiasts. For Mike and his '73 Camaro, that story began with a Camaro parts car being handed down by a godfather and quickly took a turn toward the drag strip. And though the story is what makes any car greater than the sum of its parts, it's worth paying attention to the parts in this case.   Mike's Camaro boasts a powerful 383 … Continue reading »

Classic Industries and Car Chasers at SEMA 2013

The Thrill of the Chase Chasing down a car can be exciting, but upon finally finding that car, you still may have to search for missing parts. This roadblock can turn a once exciting hunt into a frustrating chore. At SEMA 2013, the cast of The Car Chasers—Jeff Allen, Meggan Bailey, and Eric Ables—stopped by the OER/Classic Industries SEMA booth. During their visit, we took the opportunity to talk to … Continue reading »

CW Restorations Cameo

The team at CW Restoration Shop did not disappoint with their latest project for the recently concluded 2013 SEMA conference. This year, they turned their efforts to a rare 1957 Cameo.

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Dick Harrell 1932-1971

Dick Harrell was a drag racing pioneer and all-around good guy who made profound contributions to muscle car culture. Classic Industries is proud to salute his legacy. By the early 1960s he was a racing champion, setting records left and right using Chevrolet cars that he had substantially modified. This earned him the nickname: "Mr. Chevrolet."

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Bodie Stroud Interview

Every year, companies from across the automotive aftermarket industry meet in Las Vegas for SEMA, a massive trade show and conference. Every year, the event features the latest and greatest products, accessories, and show cars on display. Every year, the vehicles get more wild and more creative.

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1969 Camaro RS/SS

If you are getting into classic cars for the first time, you'll quickly discover that your fellow enthusiasts have a language of their own. Some of the first terms you'll encounter in online discussion forums and parts catalogs are references to A-Body, B-Body, E-Body, F-Body, and so on. It's even more simple than it looks. GM, Ford, and Chrysler made many different vehicles on a small handful of platforms. These platforms were usually called "bodies." One of the most simple examples is the GM F-Body, which was used to built 1967-2002 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird models.

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Tim Allen's Camaro

The 2013 Classic Industries SEMA display, booth #23975, will be hosting two world-class Camaro builds this November. One is a unique 1969 427 Camaro, a collector car built by drag racing pioneer "Mr. Chevrolet" Dick Harrell. The other is a Smokey Yunick inspired car, a 1968 model built by renowned custom car builder Bodie Stroud for actor/comedian Tim Allen.

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Our New Website has Successfully Launched!

The new classicindustries.com is your all-access pass to restoration! Classic Industries has made online shopping for restoration and performance products more convenient. With the new, upgraded site, it's easier than ever to get what you need! Improved Product Search Our improved product search engine gives you plenty of ways to find the parts you need! The most popular items we have to offer can be sorted by best sellers or … Continue reading »

Corrosion, Current, and Your Battery

Don't Let Corroded Battery Terminals Leave You Stranded Few things are more disappointing than setting out to drive your car only to find the engine doesn't start. Hundreds of moving parts have to be in working order to make a car run and drive, but the battery, alternator, and starter are the usual suspects. So, when you pop the hood and check the battery, what do your battery posts look … Continue reading »