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Classic Industries Resurrects Rare Firebird Z20 Appearance Package

Firebird Z20 Spoilers Rise Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Pontiac history.

Z20 Firebird Appearance Package

Sales card describing Z20 Firebird Appearance Package to Pontiac Dealers

While owners of early F-bodies have access to reproduction and replacement parts for virtually any limited production package conceived, owners of Pontiac's third generation Firebird and Trans Am models have had to hunt for suitable used parts at junkyards, swap meets, online auctions, and message boards.

1988 Firebird Z20 models were equipped with wheel spoilers, also called spats or fender skirts, at the leading edge of the wheel wells and a unique rear spoiler, giving the car a muscular appearance reminiscent of earlier models. Z20 was only an option for the 1988 model year, and less than 800 examples are believed to have been sold.

Firebird Z20 accessories have become difficult for enthusiasts to find. In many cases, surviving components are worn or damaged. Thanks to Classic Industries, Z20 style accessories are now available.

"The side spoilers or spats are an exact replica of the originals manufactured in urethane to OE specifications. The rear wing is a modern interpretation of the original Z20 wing and is manufactured in fiberglass. It should be considered an aftermarket wing with Z20 styling, but not necessarily an exact duplication of the original. We believe they are very nice quality replicas and hope the enthusiasts will enjoy seeing new products come to market."

-Ray Yager, Classic Industries Merchandising Director

This rare option may have been discontinued before many examples were produced, but there's nothing stopping you from getting Z20 style exterior accessories from Classic Industries. Whether you're looking to build a Z20 replica, give your third-gen a muscular new look, or simply replace damaged components, these high-quality parts will meet all your needs.

For even more Firebird and Trans-Am parts, pick up a free copy of our model-specific parts and accessories catalog. It's got everything you need to keep your classic Pontiac looking flawless, inside and out.