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1968 Charger: Faster than a Speeding Bullitt?

One Last Stop in Surf City for Menacing 1968 Dodge Charger

A Mopar enthusiast from Austria is the proud new owner of this black beauty. However, before this 1968 Charger set off for its new European home, it found its way to the Classic Industries showroom in Huntington Beach, California.

1968 Dodge Charger The sharp bodywork and red line tires of this 1968 Dodge Charger create an imposing presence. It's easy to see why the Charger was chosen for McQueen's enemies.

The new owner was on a tight schedule, but fortunately for all of us, he did have enough time for the Classic Industries photography team to get a few shots of this immaculate Mopar icon.

"The high noon lighting conditions were a challenge, and it took some time to clean the cracks in the pavement and some the painted lines from the parking spaces out of the reflections," said Mike Inman, Classic Industries Senior Photographer. "In the end, it was worth the effort to get these shots. We weren't going to miss the opportunity to shoot this Charger."

Charger Quarter Panel

The texture of the vinyl roof on this 1968 Charger offers an organic counterpoint to the sleek painted surfaces. The trim provides a shimmering contrast between the shades of black.

Black cars are known for making the smallest details stand out. Paint blemishes and bodywork flaws become easier to see, and the same goes for defects in the emblems, trim, exterior lamps, everything. Most enthusiasts agree, however, that the extra effort shows in the finished product.

That's what makes it important to have a source you can trust for quality reproduction parts for your restoration. When it all comes together, you want your classic looking like it just rolled off the assembly line, Just like this '68 Charger.

1968 Charger Tail Lamps

Much like the redline tires, the chrome-accented tail lamps stand boldly against the black bodywork.

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