1971 GMC Jimmy 4X4 Named 'Pearl'

1971-Jimmy-front leadAutomotive history reveals that GMC named the Jimmy - the upscale offering of the Chevrolet Blazer - to sound like its much smaller competitor, the AMC Jeep. The Jeep, the International Harvester Scout, and the Ford Bronco (in order of manufacture) originated the breed of small, sporty Jeep sized 4x4 sport utility vehicles (SUVs). 

1971 Jimmy side view LH

What made the Blazer and Jimmy stand out and loom large was the fact that they were both constructed on a shortened GM truck chassis that had a 104-inch wheelbase. In contrast, the 1966-77 Bronco had a 92-inch wheelbase. Virtually from their introduction, the Blazer and Jimmy outsold their smaller foes. Using a shared platform lowered production costs. It also offered more interior room and enabled GM's designers and engineers to equip the interiors with more spacious and comfortable seats, air conditioning, automatic transmissions - basically the sort of creature comforts that almost everyone welcomes (with the exception of Baja 1000 off-road racers).

A 1971 GMC Jimmy Named "Pearl"

Costa Mesa, California resident Lindsey Hover is an accomplished automotive welder and builder. She has an immense Instagram page (@thebluecollarbarbie)  that chronicles her metal crafting and welding skills through photographs and 'reels'. She provides us with a glimpse into her perspective on life through her thought-provoking writings. It's an interesting page. 


Lindsey also owns an immense and intriguing 1971 GMC K5 Jimmy. Pearl is so named because she sports a pink/gray pearlescent exterior paint scheme. How many Jimmy's have you seen that have pinkish gray pearlescent paint schemes? Probably not too many. 


Pearl also now is equipped with a pink roll bar. When our pro photographers first photographed the SUV, the roll bar was black. Pearl's interior was also missing some carpet in the back seat area. The back bench seat had its seat cushion covered by a Mexican blanket, which is a sign that the interior needs reupholstering. 


Since the Jimmy's initial CI photoshoot, the interior's been adorned with new black carpet and a complete black TMI upholstery retrim for both the seats and door panels. Lindsey secured a black custom center console from New Lines Upholstery. 

1971 Jimmy dash LH

Above: The close up photo is primarily to show off the cool custom Pearlcraft steering wheel. The gearshift T-handle knob matches the steering wheel.

1971 Jimmy interior LH

As for the drivetrain, the ever-reliable Chevy 350-cubic inch small block V8 and TH350 automatic transmission gets the power to the rear wheels and also the front wheels, when so engaged for off-road action. Lindsey welded up the custom exhaust system using JMD Tubes stainless steel tubular pipes. When Lindsey's putting her right foot towards the throttle pedal's floor, the system no doubt yields some sweet music. Thankfully, the 1971 Jimmy has front disc brakes and drums in the rear, so stopping power is not an issue. 

1971 Jimmy rear door open LH

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