Classic Industries Featured Restorations - Is Your Vehicle Ready?


Here's a quiz question for you that has several answers. Like with many tests, there is only one correct answer. The question is, "What do all of these cars shown in the lead photo have in common? 

Many Answers - One Correct Answer

The answers are varied. Here are some possibilities:

  1. They're all GM vehicles.
  2. They all have restoration and performance parts and accessories sourced from Classic Industries.
  3. Articles are written about all of these vehicles.
  4. The cars represented by these photos all reside in the U.S.A. or possibly even in other countries around the globe.
  5. All of these cars have feature articles that are published in several places on various Classic Industries webpages, including this Featured Restorations page. The CIFR page is also sometimes called the Mosaic Tile page or the Collage Page (preferred moniker by this humble scribe).
  6. All of these American muscle machine photos and their accompanying articles were submitted by their current caretakers, or current owners (if you prefer the word 'owners' to 'caretakers').


The Correct Answer Is...

Number 6. If you guessed correctly, you don't win anything except for a great opportunity. You have the opportunity to pay homage to your American pony or muscle car on several pages of the Classic Industries' website. Yes, you read that correctly. Your bad-to-the-bone Ford Torino GT will be featured on several CI pages. That peaches 'n' cream, sweet as the sunshine '55 Chevy Bel Air convertible can get some well-deserved ink on these very pages. Your just restored 1970 Dodge Challenger might be on various CI pages before you drive her (or him - whatever your pronoun preference is for your pride and joy) to that first show 'n' shine.

Simple As Pie

Featured Restorations image sized

You no doubt can see the "Click Here" button within the top banner of the Featured Restorations page. Simply choose the click here button on the page or click here. Once you've clicked, you can scroll to the bottom of the page. When you're at the bottom of the page, there's a form to fill out and up to six photos that you can attach for publication.

The Form Looks Like This: 

fr form sized

It's much easier to fill out the form and attach some great photos of your American muscle machine than it is to say wire your car or to perform finish bodywork, rebuild, balance, and blueprint your vehicle's engine, etc. When you've filled out the form and attached photos (up to six), you can click the submit button in the lower lefthand column of the form. 


CI Will Take It from There

The humble scribes at Classic Industries will do the rest. There may be a bit of WordSmithing that takes place and perhaps a little bit of PhotoShopping. But never mind...That's why we're here (one of the reasons at least). Start getting those submissions in to immortalize your pride and joy.

Classic Industries Sells American Muscle Car Parts

Should you, your family, and friends need some must-have restoration, performance, and accessory parts to finish your American muscle machine, there's a great chance that you will find just what you need at Classic Industries. You can search on the Classic Industries website, in addition to shopping from one of the many enormous vehicle catalogs that are available both in print and in pdf format. Simply click the button below to find the catalog(s) that you need. CI looks forward to receiving your Featured Restoration submission(s).

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