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Vehicle Platform Designations

What is an F-Body? What is an X-Body? What are Mopar A, B, and E-bodies?

If you are getting into classic cars for the first time, you'll quickly discover that your fellow enthusiasts have a language of their own. Some of the first terms you'll encounter in online discussion forums and parts catalogs are references to A-Body, B-Body, E-Body, F-Body, and so on. It's even more simple than it looks.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler made many different vehicles on a small handful of platforms. These platforms were usually called "bodies." One of the most simple examples is the GM F-Body, which was used to built 1967-2002 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird models.

Most platforms were used for more than two models; the GM X-Body platform is a perfect example. The X-Body was used to build many different models between Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile. Each version generally had their own unique exterior, interior, and trim. However, thousands of components, such as the frame, suspension, steering, and electrical parts were identical.

Take this radiator overflow jar. Instead of saying, "This fits Nova, Ventura, Phoenix, Apollo, Skylark, and Omega models," it is far less confusing to say, "This fits GM X-Body models."

You and Your Body: A Vehicle Platform Guide

Classic Industries offers parts for GM B-body, F-body, X-body, and Zeta passenger car models, GM Trucks, as well as Mopar A, B, and E-body models. That may only be a handful of platforms, but it breaks down into several dozen vehicles.

GM Passenger Cars


1969 Camaro RS/SS

GM F-Body Platform
  • 1967-02 Chevrolet Camaro
  • 1967-02 Pontiac Firebird & Trans Am


    • 1958-96 Chevrolet Impala


1961 Impala

GM B-Body Platform
  • 1958-75 Bel Air
  • 1958-72 Biscayne
  • 1965-96 Caprice


1969 Nova

GM X-Body Platform
  • 1962-79 Chevrolet Chevy II
  • 1962-79 Chevrolet Nova
  • 1971-77 Pontiac Ventura
  • 1977-79 Pontiac Phoenix
  • 1973-75 Buick Apollo
  • 1975-79 Buick Skylark
  • 1973-79 Oldsmobile Omega


  • 2010-14 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet "Tri-Five" Passenger Cars

1957 Bel Air

Chevrolet Passenger Car

What about vehicles before the 1960's? What platform is a Tri-Five built on?
Until the 1960's, automakers generally didn't produce the wide variety of vehicles we're used to, so there wasn't a need for multiple platforms. For example, in 1957, Chevrolet merely offered passenger cars and trucks at various trim levels with the Corvette on the side. Enthusiasts refer to the platform shared by Chevrolet passenger cars in 1955, 1956, and 1957 as the "Tri-Five."

  • 1955-57 Chevrolet 150
  • 1955-57 Chevrolet 210
  • 1955-57 Chevrolet Del Ray
  • 1955-57 Chevrolet Bel Air
  • 1955-57 Chevrolet Nomad

GM Trucks

1951 Chevrolet Pickup

Advance Design Pickup

Did Trucks have platform names?
Over the years, GM has classified their truck platforms somewhat differently than their passenger cars, the basic breakdown of the Chevrolet and GMC trucks that Classic Industries currently provides products for is straightforward:
Advance Design

  • 1947-55 (1st Series) Chevrolet Trucks
  • 1947-55 (1st Series) GMC Trucks
1957 Truck Task Force

Task Force

  • 1955-59 (2nd Series) Chevrolet Trucks
  • 1955-59 (2nd Series) GMC Trucks

C/K & R/V*

  • 1960-98 Chevrolet Trucks
  • 1960-98 GMC Trucks

*R/V models were produced from 1987-91 to distinguish the outgoing 3rd generation C/K platform that was still being produced for the first four years of 4th generation C/K production as factories retooled for the newer platform.


  • 1999-08 Chevrolet Silverado
  • 1999-08 GMC Sierra


While Chrysler didn't have as many brands as GM, they built plenty of different vehicles on similar platforms. and used a similar method to describe different platforms. Classic Industries offers products for the Mopar A-body, B-body, and E-body models listed.

1966 Mopar A-Body

1966 Mopar A-Body


  • 1961-62 Dodge Lancer
  • 1963-76 Dodge Dart
  • 1971-76 Dodge Dart Sport
  • 1971-76 Dodge Demon
  • 1960-76 Plymouth Valiant
  • 1964-69 Plymouth Barracuda
  • 1970-76 Plymouth Duster
  • 1971-76 Plymouth Scamp
1969 Road Runner

1969 Mopar B-Body


  • 1962 Dodge Dart
  • 1962 Dodge Polara 500
  • 1963-64 Dodge 330
  • 1963-64 Dodge 440
  • 1963-64 Dodge Polara
  • 1963-64 Dodge Polara 500
  • 1965-74 Dodge Coronet
  • 1968-71 Dodge Super Bee
  • 1966-74 Dodge Charger
  • 1962-70 Plymouth Belvedere
  • 1962-64 Plymouth Fury/Sport Fury
  • 1962-64 Plymouth Savoy
  • 1965-74 Plymouth Satellite
  • 1967-71 Plymouth GTX
  • 1968-74 Plymouth Road Runner
1970 Challenger

1970 Mopar E-Body


  • 1970-74 Dodge Challenger
  • 1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda
  • 1970-74 Plymouth 'Cuda