PLYMOUTH - The History of Chrysler's Plymouth Car Brand Name


The Chrysler Corporation created the Plymouth automobile division to compete with Ford and Chevrolet in 1928 in the "entry-level" car market. Then Chrysler employee Joe Frazer, who later in his automotive industry career founded the Frazer-Nash car company, coined the Plymouth name. Many folks believe that the Plymouth car brand is named after Plymouth Rock, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims landed on November 11, 1620, but that’s not the case. The history of Chrysler's Plymouth brand name actually came from an unexpectedly utilitarian product.

The Origin of the Plymouth Car Brand Name


Above: Mayflower emblem of the Plymouth Cordage Company

Apparently, Joe Frazer suggested the name Plymouth in a meeting he had with the founder of the Chrysler Corporation, Walter P. Chrysler. He asked Walter, “Have you ever heard of Plymouth Binder Twine?” Chrysler’s retort was something to the effect of, “Every goddamned farmer in America has heard of that!” Since the Plymouth car brand was being marketed as a practical vehicle for blue-collar families, it made perfect sense to harken back to a product those buyers would associate with trustworthy performance and durability.


Above: Mayflower emblem of the Plymouth car division of Chrysler, circa 1928

Plymouth was actually named after a twine and rope company that was in business from 1824-1964, the Plymouth Cordage Company, and founded in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Both the rope company and the Chrysler car division used the Mayflower emblem and had all of their marketing efforts geared towards espousing the compelling saga of the Pilgrim settlers landing in Plymouth Rock, in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Not so coincidentally, having the less expensive Plymouth cars to sell during the Great Depression of the 1930’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler was able to endure that devastating decade of the 1930’s when other car companies went out of business.


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