Incredible Barn Find Video: 1966 Corvette L72 427 CI / 425 HP V8 Coupe


Imagine finding a 1966 Corvette coupe that has its original L72, 427-cubic inch big-block V8 engine, the engine that was conservatively rated at 425-horsepower, and the Sting Ray has 66,000 original miles! If you were a Country Music artist like say David Ball, you'd write a song about such an incredible find. Maybe you'd have the creativity to call the song, "Riding with Private Malone."

Video: 1966 Corvette 427 Barn Find - 66K Original Miles

The barn find story of this particular Nassau Blue 1966 Corvette L72 (427 CI / 425 HP) coupe is not as patriotic, or noble, or romantic, or mesmerizing as David Ball's song. Yet, in the world of vintage C2 Corvettes, it's pretty amazing that this '66 Sting Ray has its original matching numbers engine and Muncie manual four-speed transmission, hasn't been in any accidents, has seen just one repaint, and has its original owner from 1966. 

427 CI / 425 HP Big Block V8

1966 engine better 1000 s

Above: Those valve covers aren't stock. The distributor isn't either. It's also an aftermarket four-barrel carburetor.

1966 Corvette dash 1000 s

Above: According to the hosts of this video, the interior looks to be the original blue vinyl. Notice the original hub caps are resting on the driver's seat.

1966 Corvette 80 oil 1000 s

Above: L72 big block V8 Corvettes were equipped with 80-pound oil pressure gauges. They also have 6,500 RPM tachometers, which this baby also has.

1966 Corvette interior tag 1000 s

Above: The I.D. tag beneath the glove box confirms that this Corvette is Nassau Blue, has a blue vinyl interior, is a coupe, and has the mighty big block L72 V8 engine. The L72 is a 427-cubic inch V8 that makes 425-horsepower (conservatively - initially rated at 450-horsepower).

1966 Corvette IP engine sharp 1000

Above: If you look closely at this photo and in the video, you can barely see that the IP big-block V8 engine code is showing. The IP code confirms that the engine is an L72.

1966 Corvette hood badge 1000 s

Above: 1966 is the only year Corvette C2 (1963-67) that wears a Corvette Sting Ray badge on the hood. 

1966 Corvette rear 1000 s

Above: The bumpers and other chrome items all look to be in good condition.

1966 Corvette 34 rear 1000 s

David Ball - "Riding with Private Malone" 


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