Top 10 Reasons to Insulate with Flatline Barriers


Flatline Barriers, available through Classic Industries, provides the best sound and heat elimination solutions for American pony cars and muscle machines. Flatline Barriers insulation kits are available for a wide range of GM, Plymouth, Dodge, Ford, and Mercury vehicles. "Where heat and sound meet their maker," is Flatline Barrier's slogan. Their tagline doesn't just ring true... More accurately, it ever so softly thuds true. Follow along and you'll find out why.

A Subtle Low Noise Is Much Better Than a High Percussion Cymbal Jingle Jangle

You don't want the inside of your muscle machine sounding like someone's banging a giant gong over and over. No matter how much horsepower and torque your engine makes, you don't want your teeth's fillings rattling loose every time you mash the throttle pedal and take your car for a cruise. It's much more pleasing to the interior's occupants if the noise is a refined and healthy rumble as opposed to a raucous, instant hearing loss sort of din.

Flatline Barriers To the Rescue


Flatline Barriers is comprised of an aluminum thermal barrier that deflects radiant heat. In tests with a heat gun and a digital thermometer, the Flatline Barriers covered portion of the body panel showed a minimal increase in temperature (one or two degrees higher in Fahrenheit), while the uncovered side of the panel's temperature increased more than 100%. There's also an ultra-lightweight foam section that absorbs and greatly diminishes unwanted noise, vibration, and resonance. In both low to mid frequency and mid to high frequency sound elimination testing versus competitors, Flatline Barriers insulation kits are over twice as effective in absorbing unwanted sound, rattling, and reverberation.

Flatline Barriers products are superior to other competing products as shown by how well they absorb unwanted noise and heat. The insulation kits are also a breeze to install. For an easy peel and click installation, there's an adhesive backing at the bottom of the Flatline Barriers product. 

Super Easy to Install

Flatline-Barrier-no-roller-needed 1000

A couple things you need to be sure of before you peel and stick is to make sure the barrier panel is lined up exactly where you want to place the panel. You'll also want to be sure the surface that you're applying the barrier sheets to is free of dirt and grime. The self-adhesive backing is very sticky, so it's very hard to unstick a panel that has already been installed. For this reason, you'll also want to precut any openings for bolts or other items that you need access to like a transmission tunnel or an access panel in your floorboard.

Flatline-Barriers-1966-77-Bronco-1000Above: A precut Flatline Barriers 1966-77 Ford Bronco insulation floor kit has been installed with ease.

Features, Advantages, & Benefits of Flatline Barriers

1) Flatline Barriers products are very reasonably priced - save up to 60% over competing products.

2) The Flatline Barriers kits are ultra-lightweight and offer the best sound and heat insulation/elimination performance available. Check out the graphs below for the test results.

3) There are a wide range of Flatline Barriers products available that are direct-fit die cut kits for Dodge, Plymouth, GM, Ford, and Mercury vehicles.

4) Flatline Barriers also offers a wide range of universal fit items.

5) The Flatline Barriers panels remain flexible and can be installed in any ambient temperature.

6) Instructions are included.

7) In the Flatline Barriers direct-fit die cut kits, the panels are labeled left and right.

8) Minimal tools are required for installation: A. Box of shop rags for cleaning the surfaces of the panels that will receive the Flatline Barriers panels, B. Acetone for cleaning the panels, and C. A razor blade and/or scissors for cutting holes for bolt or panel access.

9) Once the Flatline Barriers are installed and your interior is put back together, your vehicle will be much more comfortable to drive. Your vehicle will be insulated from unwanted road noise and heat.

10) The Flatline Barriers sound and heat absorption/insulation kits are easy to install, with kits available for the entire vehicle or for specific sections of the vehicle.

Sound Elimination: Flatline Barriers v. the Competition

Flatline-Barrier-IG-low-freq-testing 1000

Above and two below: The graphs are self-explanatory and pretty impressive.

Flatline-Barrier-IG-mid-freq-testing 1000

Thermal Insulation: Flatline Barriers v. the Competition

Flatline-Barrier-IG-thermal-testing 1000

Flatline Barriers: Universal Kit

FB72-social-media-graphic 1000

Flatline Barriers: 1968-70 Dodge, Plymouth B-Body; Floor Insulation & Sound Dampening Precut Kit


Above: Part # TABKB9200 is a precut floor insulation and sound dampening kit for 1968-70 Dodge and Plymouth B-Body models. Flatline Barriers precut sets come with instructions, are precut, and labeled left and right, are made in the USA, and are designed and engineered to be easy to install.

Classic Industries Sells Flatline Barriers Sound & Heat Elimination Kits & So Much More for Your Muscle Car

Gabe Fox Mustang 1000

Whether you have a Fox body Mustang like the beauteous beast above, a Chevy Camaro, a Dodge Challenger, a Ford F100, a Dodge truck, a GMC pickup, or pretty much any American muscle car or truck that you may have, there's a great chance there's a Flatline Barriers kit for your vehicle at Classic Industries. You can also initiate your search here: Flatline Barriers.

Once you've insulated your interior, you may well need to install new carpet: Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Muscle Car: Good, Better, or Best.

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