Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Muscle Car: Good, Better, or Best


Installing new carpet in your American muscle car or truck is a fantastic way to lay the groundwork for transforming your vehicle's interior. Sears & Roebuck Co., a renowned mail order and retail giant, popularized the Good-Better-Best approach to marketing their extensive range of products. Who can forget the exceptional quality of Sears' Best Craftsman tools that stood the test of time? Classic Industries employs a similar strategy when it comes to carpet options, ensuring that finding the perfect carpet for your ride is a breeze.

Good = Standard Backed Carpet



Above: Is a photo of part number ME601501 - 1970 Barracuda, Cuda, Challenger; Automatic; Complete Molded Loop Carpet Kit; Black.

Standard backed carpet features a poly backing, with poly standing for polyethylene, a thin plastic material measuring 1/16". This material is bonded to the carpet as well as the jute padding beneath to provide optimum comfort. The standard backed carpet is not only the most cost-effective solution for your vehicle, but it also offers greater flexibility compared to mass backed carpet. In terms of carpet fibers, both standard and mass backed options boast the same level of quality. While standard backed carpets may be slightly easier to install on your floor pan, the mass backed carpet provides a luxurious and plush feel that surpasses the comfort offered by the standard or poly backed alternatives.

Better = Standard Backed Carpet with Underlay 



Above: The photo above is of part number *R2102M - 1970-73 Camaro/Firebird Molded Carpet And Underlay Set; For 4/Speed Transmission; Red.

When you take out the carpet in your vehicle, you might find that there is underlay on top of the floor pan or at least some leftover remnants of it. It's a smart move to remove the old underlay and replace it with new underlay before installing your new standard backed carpet. Underlay is specifically designed to provide extra cushioning and breathability while also ensuring that the carpet remains protected from moisture, rot, and unpleasant odors. In addition, underlay helps to further insulate the interior, reducing heat/cold and road noise when installed with standard backed carpet. Classic Industries understands the importance of these benefits and offers both components in one convenient solution - standard backed carpet with an underlay set.

Best = Mass Backed Carpet


unnamed-Mar-09-2024-12-07-38-4292-AMLeft: Here's a photo of part number A4107B41 - 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Nylon Loop Floor Carpet with Mass Backing - Medium Blue / Black Inserts. Lead photo provided courtesy of Mecum Auctions.

standard v mass backingThe epitome of luxury and durability lies in the form of mass backed carpet, albeit at a higher price point. Crafted through the fusion of a material known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), typically 45ml thick, with a vehicle's molded carpet, this option offers a thicker and heavier composition. It not only excels in reducing road noise but also provides superior insulation against heat, cold, and external elements. The result is a heightened level of comfort for the occupants of the vehicle. When it comes to laying a strong foundation for revamping your vehicle's interior, mass backed carpet is undoubtedly the premium choice. Additionally, the presence of mass backing eliminates the need for underlay installation beforehand, as it already offers impeccable insulation against heat, cold, and road noise.

More Information on Carpet Backing Choices

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