OER Smart Battery Chargers Keep Your Muscle Machines Batteries Strong


Have you ever jumped in your 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang early on a Saturday morning to grab some caffeine and good vibes at the local Cars & Coffee gathering only to have the pony car not start? That slow cranking malaise sort of sound with no success sure is annoying. Or maybe your numbers matching 1970 Plymouth Superbird is only very sparingly driven and the battery has discharged. Perhaps that Trans Am 1969 Camaro Z28 had an outrageously successful vintage racing season, and it needs to be tucked away for a well-earned winter hibernation before next year’s campaign.


Or say you wish to store your occasionally driven Impala SS convertible for the winter. Use the supplied ring terminals for this purpose, since the positive and negative wires will be on the battery for several months during the winter season. After installing the positive ring wire on the battery's positive lead, fasten the negative ring terminal to the battery's negative cable.


Once both wires are securely fastened to the battery's positive and negative cables, plug the OER Smart Charger 800 (or 1250) to a 120-volt AC wall socket. If the battery has a full charge, you'll see a solid green light for the 12V window or circle. If it's charging, there will be a flashing green light.

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A good use of the supplied alligator clamps is for if you have a new battery that you don't plan to install for a while. Like with the ring leads, place the red positive clamp on the positive terminal post first. Place the negative clamp on the negative post next.


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Then plug the ultra-compact OER Smart Charger 1250 (or 800) into the wall socket to keep the stored battery fully charged until its ready to go in your automobile.

If your classic American muscle cars or trucks aren’t daily driven, your vehicles batteries can still be kept healthy and delivering miles upon miles of reliable service for years to come. The OER Smart Charger 800 and the OER Smart Charger 1250 battery chargers and maintainers provide high frequency automatic intelligent charging for 6V or 12V lead-acid, flooded, or sealed maintenance-free (AGM and Gel Cell) batteries.

Both of these intelligent chargers are for cold weather maintenance or storage applications. They provide automatic intelligent charging. The microprocessor-controlled system in these compact battery chargers automatically adjusts amperage rate during operation. They have four safety functions: Overload / Overheat / Short Circuit / and Reverse Polarity, plus Spark Proof. The chargers automatically switch to Float Mode Battery Maintenance when fully charged. They work with a 120-volt AC power source and are for 6V or 12-volt applications. Whether you have American muscle cars and trucks, new vehicles that aren’t driven too much, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and/or jet skis, the OER Smart Chargers will keep your vehicles’ batteries well-charged.

The ultra-compact OER Smart Charger 1250 (#21025) provides 1.25-amp output through a seven-stage charging program, while the compact OER Smart Charger 800 (#21026) delivers 0.8-amp output through a four-stage charging program. Both chargers include instruction booklets, ring terminals, and clamp terminals. These compact battery chargers make the challenge of keeping your vehicles batteries healthy and fully charged an easy and trouble-free task indeed.

Whether you need an OER Smart Charger or other restoration and performance parts for your American muscle cars and trucks, a great place to find those must-have components is at Classic Industries.

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