A 1967 Mustang Notchback Coupe That's Staying All in the Family


Passing down a pony car to younger family members is a great way to keep the American Muscle Car Hobby growing strong. It's also a wonderful way to nurture families here in the U.S. and around the world with a great hobby that can be shared and enjoyed.


Joe Lyman's mom bought this 1967 Mustang notchback coupe for $1,500 in 1980 from the original owner. She gave the vehicle to Joe when he turned 16 in 1990. He drove the car until he was 19, and then it sat in his parent's backyard until 2004.


Above and two below: The Mustang's original owner purchased a 1967 notchback that came fully loaded from the Ford factory. The V8 equipped vehicle has front disc brakes, power steering, an overhead map light console, deluxe black vinyl seats, deluxe brushed aluminum dash bezel, automatic transmission, the optional hood with turn signals, and air conditioning.


That same year Joe learned that he was going to be a father. This gave him the motivation to start a restoration project on the Mustang, which Joe completed when his son Demitri was four years old. He and his mom replaced the upholstery together. They also removed the factory air conditioning system and replaced the dash with one that didn't have the AC vents.


The mother/son team had the headliner professionally replaced. They also had a wheel and tire shop replace the 14-inch steel wheels and '67 Mustang hub caps with 16-inch American Racing Torq-Thrust II polished mag wheels and radial tires.


Above: Though the 1967 and 1968 Mustang look much alike, the 1967 model has two sets of faux horizontal rear drum brake cooling vents, while the 1968 model has a vertical chrome faux vent on either side.

1967 Mustang stripped

Above and below: To address some rust issues with the Mustang, Joe performed a second full restoration in 2018 by stripping the Wimbledon White paint down to bare metal before bringing her back to the Guardsman Blue Le Mans stripes over the Wimbledon White beauty that she is today. Francisco's Automotive handled all the expert body and paintwork and added the fog lamps and a secret theft prevention device at the same time. 

1967 Mustang sanding

Joe meant to give the Mustang to his son Demitri when he turned 16. Standing 6'6" tall at that point, Demitri was already too big to fit inside. 


By 2023, Joe was able to add some more adjustability to the driver's seat to allow his now 18-year-old son, who is a formidable kick boxer, to fit within the car. Before actually handing over the keys to his happy son, Joe replaced the non-original 289-cubic inch V8 engine with a 1968 302 V8 that has been bored .020 over and rebuilt to now displace 304 cubic inches. Horsepower Heaven performed the professional engine rebuild of the Ford 302 V8.


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