1964.5 (Early 1965) Mustang VIN & Data Plate Decoder


Recently, Classic Industries published an article for the multitude of 1st Generation Mustang owners and enthusiasts (1964.5-1973) called: Decoding the 1964-1973 Mustang VIN: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide. This article is specifically designed to enable 1964.5 Mustang (early 1965) caretakers and fans to decode the pony car's Data Plate, which gives us useful information such as assembly plant, body style, color, interior trim, engine, transmission, and much more.

1964.5 Mustang VIN Decoder

The VIN number is found under the hood on top of the driver’s side fender apron. The VIN number for the Wimbledon White beauty in the lead photo and several subsequent pictures is VIN: 5F08F100212. Let's take a look at how to decode this VIN step by step.

1. Model Year

All 1964.5 Mustangs were designated with a 5 at the start of the VIN, denoting 1965. However, the date code on the data plate — discussed later in this article — will give more information regarding when the car was actually built.

2. Assembly Plant

Code Plant
F Dearborn, MI
R San Jose, CA
T Metuchen, NJ


From deciphering the codes above, the Wimbledon White Mustang in the first several photos was built on the Dearborn, MI assembly line (F).

3. Body Style

Code Body Style
07 Hardtop
08 Convertible
09 Fastback (not available until 1965)



It's a convertible (08).

4. Engine

Code Engine
A 289-4v
C 289-2v
D 289-4v
F 260-2v
K 289-4v Hi-Performance
T 200-1v
U 170-1v


The engine is a 260-cubic inch, two-barrel carburetor (2v) V8 (F).

5. Sequential Production Number

Production numbers for each year began with 100,001. So, from our example VIN, this car was 1964.5 Mustang number 212 built on the Dearborn, MI production line.

1964.5 Mustang Data Plate Decoder

The Data Plate for the 1964.5 to 1973 1st Generation Ford Mustang is located on the driver's side door jamb and is attached with two rivets. An example is shown just below and later in this narrative, so we can decode the data plate.


1. Body Code

Body Body Style Interior Seats Special
63A Fastback Standard Interior Bucket Seats  
63B Fastback Luxury Interior Bucket Seats  
65A Hardtop Standard Interior Bucket Seats  
65B Hardtop Luxury Interior Bucket Seats  
65C Hardtop Standard Interior Bench Seats  
76A Convertible Standard Interior Bucket Seats  
76B Convertible Luxury Interior Bucket Seats  
76C Convertible Standard Interior Bench Seats  
There's a standard interior with bucket seats (76A).

2. Paint Colors

Code Alternate Color
A 9A Raven Black
B 2B Pagoda Green (64), Midnight Turquoise (65)
C 6C Honey Gold
D 3D Dynasty Green
F 3F Guardsman Blue (64 only)
H 5H Caspian Blue
I   Champagne Beige
J 3J Rangoon Red
J9   Rangoon Red
K 3K Silver Smoke Gray
M 5M Wimbledon White
O 0 Tropical Turquoise (65 only)
P 4P Prairie Bronze
R   Ivy Green (65 only)
S   Cascade Green (64 only)
V   Sunlight Yellow
X   Vintage Burgundy
Y   Skylight Blue (64), Silver Blue (65)
Z Z9 Chantilly Beige (64 only)
3 3B Poppy Red
5 5A Twilight Turquoise (64 only)
7   Phoenician Yellow (64 only)
8   Springtime Yellow (65 only)


The exterior paint hue is Wimbledon White (M or 5M).

1964 Mustang exterior paint

Above: 1964 Ford exterior Ditzler PPG paint colors are above for Fairlane, Falcon, Galaxie, and Mustang.

1965_Mustang paint

Above: Ditzler PPG exterior paint hues are indicated above for the 1965 Ford Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon, and Galaxie.

3. Interior Trim

Code Interior
42 White with Blue
45 White with Red
46 White with Black
48 White with Ivy Gold
49 White with Palomino
56 Black Vinyl & Cloth
82 Blue Vinyl
85 Red Vinyl
86 Black Vinyl
89 Palomino Vinyl
22 Blue Vinyl
25 Red Vinyl
26 Black Vinyl
28 Ivy Gold with Gold
29 Palomino Vinyl
D2 White with Blue
D5 White with Red
D6 White with Black
D8 Whit with Ivy Gold
D9 White with Palomino
62 Blue & White Luxury
65 Red Luxury
66 Black Luxury
67 Aqua & White Luxury
68 Ivy Gold & White Luxury
69 Palomino Luxury
F2 White with Blue, Luxury
F5 White with Red, Luxury
F6 White with Black, Luxury
F7 White with aqua, Luxury
F8 White with Ivy Gold, Luxury
F9 White with Palomino, Luxury
32 Blue Bench
35 Red Bench
36 Black Bench
39 Palomino Bench
76 Black Fabric and Vinyl
79 Palomino Fabric and Vinyl


The interior is blue vinyl (82 or 22).

More details of this beautiful early 1965 Mustang are below:

  • One of the first production Mustang Convertibles
  • VIN: 5F08F100212, known as Mustang #212
  • 1964 1/2 Mustang, titled as a 1965
  • One of the first sold to the public
  • Sold new at Powell Ford of Ft. Lauderdale on 4/16/1964, sold the day before official launch 4/17/64
  • On display at the Towe Ford Museum for over 10 years
  • Used in William Clay Ford's grand daughter's wedding
  • Personal thank you note from Ford dated 1/16/2007
  • 260 CI V-8, two-barrel carburetor automatic transmission
  • Power convertible top
  • Power steering
  • Window sticker, internal bill of sale and owner's manual
  • Microfilm copies of MSO and previous titles
  • Unique features of the early car no ferrule, small shift handle, Mustang eye on hood, hand hammered wheel emblems and wells to make room for convertible top
  • Original parts have been documented since current owner purchased


Above: Photos of Wimbledon White Mustang convertible and other Mustangs below provided courtesy of Mecum Auctions.

4. Build Date

Date Code Production Month
C March 1964
D April 1964
E May 1964
F June 1964
G July 1964
H August 1964
J September 1964
K October 1964
L November 1964
M December 1964
A January 1965
B February 1965
Q March 1965
R April 1965
S May 1965
T June 1965
U July 1965
V August 1965
Since we don't have the data plate for the Wimbledon White over blue vinyl early 1965 (or 1964.5) Mustang convertible in this article, we found a data plate for another Mustang to publish. Let's decipher it. The 65A code denotes that this Mustang is a hardtop or a notchback coupe with a standard bucket seat interior. She has an exterior hue of Honey Gold (C color code). The interior trim is white with blue (42). The build date is April 14 of 1964 (14D). The district sales office for this Honey Gold Mustang is Los Angeles (71). The Mustang's rear end axle ratio gearing is 3.00 to one (1). This Mustang's transmission is a C-4 automatic (6). 
We can also decode the VIN. The number five (5) is the designation for the model year. Hence, Ford calls this a 1965 Mustang, though it was built on the 14th of April 1964 (5). This Mustang was built in Dearborn, MI (F). It's a hardtop (07). She has a 260-2v, two-barrel carb V8 engine (F). 

Above: The 1965 Mustang nose above shows what the Honey Gold (C) exterior hue looks like. Nice!

5. DSO (District Sales Office)

Code District
11 Boston
12 Buffalo
13 New York
14 Pittsburgh
15 Newark
21 Atlanta
22 Charlotte
23 Philadelphia
24 Jacksonville
25 Richmond
26 Washington
31 Cincinnati
32 Cleveland
33 Detroit
34 Indianapolis
35 Lansing
36 Louisville
41 Chicago
42 Fargo
43 Rockford
44 Twin Cities
45 Davenport
51 Denver
52 Des Moines
53 Kansas City
54 Omaha
55 St. Louis
61 Dallas
62 Houston
63 Memphis
64 New Orleans
65 Oklahoma City
71 Los Angeles
72 San Jose
73 Salt Lake City
74 Seattle
81 Ford of Canada
83 Government
84 Home Office Reserve
85 American Red Cross
89 Transportation Services
90 Export
91 Export
92 Export
93 Export
94 Export
95 Export
96 Export
97 Export
98 Export
99 Export

6. Axle

Code Axle
1 3.00
3 3.20
4 3.25
5 3.50
6 2.80
7 3.80
8 3.89
9 4.11
A 3.00L
C 3.20L
D 3.25L
E 3.50L
F 2.80L
G 3.80L
H 3.89L
I 4.11L
1965 Mustang honey rear 1280

7. Transmission

Code Transmission
1 3-Speed Manual
5 4-Speed Manual
6 C-4 Automatic


Above and below: Now that we've illuminated how to decode an early 1965 (or 1964.5) Mustang's Data Plate, you can do it yourself. If you have a 1965-1973 Mustang, watch for those decoding articles coming soon in the Classic Industries American Muscle Car Library Archives. Rangoon Red (J or 3J) was a very popular exterior paint hue for both the early 1965 and the 1965 Mustang. It's easy to see why. 


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