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1964 Impala SS Convertible - Aquamarine Drop-Top



The 1964 Impala is a true icon of American automotive design. It's one of those vehicles that is recognizable even to those who wouldn't consider themselves classic car enthusiasts, and its long sleek lines exude style from every angle. No matter who you are, when one of these rolls up, you'll know something special has arrived.

Southern California is home to many automotive enthusiasts, but the '64 holds a special place in the heart of the lowrider community that developed here. Lowriders have rebuilt Impalas in every way imaginable, from flawless factory restorations to over-the-top customs with metal flake paint and hydraulics.


The 1964 Impala SS Convertible seen here falls somewhere between these extremes. It's not entirely stock, but it's not decked out in intricate murals and pinstripes, either. This subtle custom belongs to Tony "Junior" Longoria, of Santa Ana, California.


Junior's '64 Impala is an SS model with a 283ci V8 and Powerglide automatic transmission. He tells us the interior is all-original, and the exterior has been repainted once to apply the aqua metallic color seen here.


A lowered stance, fender skirts, and chrome wire wheels with '59 Impala center caps add to the custom vibe.


Junior is part of a local car club with seven other Impala owners, and says he hopes to bring some of the other Impalas by our showroom so we can check them out. If they're anywhere near as nice as his '64, we'll be excited to snap some photos and share them with all of you.


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