Ruffian '67 Mustang Fastback: A Gentleman's Racecar


Back in the 1960s, the Shelby Cobra 289 FIA dominated races throughout Europe and the United States, putting the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Jaguar in its rear view mirror. In 1965, it became one of the first American cars to win the FIA's International Championship for GT Manufacturers. For Chris Ashton of Ruffian Cars, this legendary history served as inspiration for a '67 Mustang Fastback project, which he called a "gentleman's racer." It features a custom widebody, 364ci aluminum small-block V8, 5-speed TKX manual transmission, and lots of cool racing-inspired details.

Ruffian Cars' 1967 Mustang FIA Fastback


This '67 Mustang, which was recently featured in an hour-long AutotopiaLA video, is a beautiful fusion of modern and old-school performance parts. The team at Ruffian Cars wasn't afraid to add modern components such as coilover suspension, but also left many of the original parts intact, or sought out upgrades that would've been available back then.

Ashton remarked, "We still want it to feel like a vintage Mustang, and look and sound like a vintage Mustang."


It began life as a stock '67 Fastback which was stripped down to bare sheetmetal. Many of the original body panels were reused, and hand-shaped fender flares were added to widen the car by five inches. Rather than use modern low-profile 18 or 19 inch wheels, a set of Shelby 15-inch centerlock wheels were selected and clad in 275 and 295/50R15 tires.


The front end was also reworked by Ruffian, lowering it for better aerodynamics and adding openings for brake ducts and a large oil cooler. Custom plexiglass covers were made for the turn signal/park lamps to protect them from rocks that might shatter the lenses and create a hazard on the track.


Under the hood, a Shelby 289ci aluminum crate motor was bored and stroked to 364ci, then equipped with Weber carburetors and individual throttle bodies that draw air directly from the hood scoop. This produces 500 horsepower, and although Ashton says the car could've made more power with a fuel injection system, he's happy with the classic carbureted setup.


The combination of flared fenders, 15-inch centerlock wheels, and meaty tires makes this Mustang's Shelby Cobra inspiration extremely clear.


During the project, Ashton felt something was missing from the front end, leading him to spraypaint a Mustang silhouette onto the radiator. The end result is something that clearly evokes the classic Mustang spirit while remaining an unabashed racecar.


For more details on this awesome build, check out the AutotopiaLA video below or take a look at Ruffian's website.

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