Reviving a Classic: 40 Years with My 1978 Camaro LT

1978-Camaro-KM-leadI have had the pleasure of owning my 1978 Camaro Type LT for forty years, and recently embarked on a restoration project that brought new life to this classic beauty. With approximately 90% of the parts sourced from Classic Industries, I was able to preserve the authenticity and originality of my beloved Camaro. The process was a labor of love, meticulously restoring each detail to its former glory. Now, my Camaro shines like new, a testament to the timeless appeal of this iconic model.

1978 Camaro LT - Playing in the Puddles

engine-2 Above: A BluePrint Engines 383 small block Chevy V8 backed by a Muncie four-speed manual transmission ensures that this Camaro Type LT will be reliable, fast, and fun to drive.

interior Above: With the installation of a Dakota Digital instrument cluster and a Vintage Air HVAC system, Keith's Camaro Type LT is definitely ready for some summer car shows and cruise-ins.

1978 Camaro another frontish Above: Keith Musil is the proud owner of the great 1978 Camaro Type LT. The dynamic duo reside in Kearney, Nebraska. Thank you, Keith for giving us a glimpse of SLVR1. Well done!