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1970-73 F-Body Passenger Floor Pan | Without Converter Hump

"What happened to your floor?" is a question familiar to F-body owners. The catalytic converter hump in the right floor pan, just in front of the seat, has puzzled fans of symmetry and warmed the legs of passengers since 1974. Owners of (smog exempt) 2nd gen vehicles can replace their floor with the 70-73 version to delete the hump and gain valuable leg room, while 3rd and 4th gen owners are left to their own devices.

These complete floor pans are correct reproductions for 1970-73 Camaro models and include the transmission hump area and foot well sections. Some other replacement floor pans are designed as a universal fit for 1970-81 models and incorporate a hump in the floor for a catalytic converter, which 1970-73 models do not require. This reproduction is manufactured in the U.S.A.