Petersen Museum Showcases Lowriders with New "Best in Low" Exhibit


"Lowriding unites more than just families, it unites cultures. You go to a show and you're gonna see that melting pot," explained Albert De Alba, Sr. He's part of a three-generation legacy of lowrider builders, starting with his father Mario and continuing to his son Albert Jr. Several of the De Alba family's custom creations are part of a new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA, appropriately titled "Best in Low."

De Alba's Impalas at the Petersen Museum


Photos courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

From May 12th, 2024 through Spring of 2025, the famous Petersen Automotive Museum will be exhibiting a variety of intricate lowriders built by the De Alba family and other well-known builders. These include the '63 Impala pictured above, known as "El Rey" (The King), which was built as a tribute to Albert's father in law. The museum also holds pristine examples of many other staples of the lowrider scene — Impala, Bel Air, 210, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Chevy trucks, and even motorcycles.


Above: This '58 Impala is another one of De Alba's creations featured in the exhibit. It's called "Dead Presidents" after the nickname for money, and its green paint is incredibly complex and intricate.


The Petersen Museum team also interviewed De Alba, Sr. about his family history, thoughts on the community, and some of his most memorable builds. The video interview is interspersed with old family photos and clips of him cruising in his purple '64 Impala.


Even if you're not a part of the lowrider community, it's impossible to deny the stunning craftsmanship of each of these builds. Not one inch of sheetmetal is overlooked, and every one of these vehicles can be classified as rolling works of art.


Check out the video interview with De Alba, Sr. below, and if you're in Southern California, be sure to stop by the Petersen Museum to take a closer look at the "Best in Low." Photos and videos truly can't do justice to all the details of these cars and trucks.

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