"Fully Torqued" Restores a '66 Mustang with Classic Industries Parts


We love watching classic cars get restored, whether it's in our own garage, at a local shop, or on our TV screen. Regarding the third category, we've had the privilege of working with quite a few well-known restoration TV shows over the years, including Overhaulin', Chop Cut Rebuild, All Girls Garage, and Iron Resurrection. More recently, Classic Industries was able to assist Steve Pazmany from the History TV series Fully Torqued with a few of his projects. Today, we'll take a quick look at their 1966 Mustang build that features many Classic Industries parts.

The Fully Torqued 1966 Mustang Project

On Fully Torqued Season 1 Episode 6, Steve got his hands on a broken-down but mostly-original 1966 Mustang with a 289ci V8. Check out the 3-minute recap of this episode below, or if your cable TV package includes History channel, you can watch the full episode on

After examining the Mustang with Bird, the duo decided to restore it, so the next stop was the Classic Industries Retail Showroom in Huntington Beach. Steve met up with Gabe Flores, who listened to his plans for the build and offered some suggestions, such as an upgraded cooling system to keep the car running reliably in the summer heat.


Steve and Gabe stepped behind the counter and into the Classic Industries warehouse, where an associate retrieved the parts the '66 Mustang needed. After opening a few boxes like a kid on Christmas, Steve remarked, "I feel a lot better about this build getting done because I'm not scrambling for parts. I already have everything I need to be successful."


Back at Fully Torqued HQ, Bird and his team worked fast to get the parts installed and clean up the car for its new owner. After tightening the last few nuts and bolts and washing the Mustang, Bird said, "I'm real happy with it, and I'm sure whoever ends up with the car is going to love it. It should be solid for years to come."


With a fully-restored exterior and interior, this '66 Mustang project turned out awesome. We're glad we could help the Fully Torqued crew get the parts they needed to complete it. If you own a classic Ford Mustang, we can help you find the parts you need, too. You can browse our selection of Mustang parts online, or click the button below for a free full-color Mustang restoration parts catalog.

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