Hemmings "Fox Body Rehab" Supercharged 1991 Mustang Project


"Go out and buy yourself a Fox Body before they get too expensive, because these cars are a hoot. They're just a hoot. One hundred percent drivable, super comfortable... the Fox is a perfect first V8 muscle car," remarked Mike Musto as he closed out the final episode in Hemmings' six-part "Fox Body Rehab" video series. This project used some tasteful, period-correct mods to build a 1991 Ford Mustang into "cassette-era perfection," including a Procharger supercharger, a cowl hood from Classic Industries, and track-ready wheel and tire setup.

The 1991 Mustang Rehab Project


This Fox Body build started out as a good condition 1991 Mustang with a 5.0 V8 and automatic transmission. "The goal for our Rehab series here at Hemmings was always to find a car with great bones that we could bring into the shop and rehabilitate," said Musto. Thankfully, the car hadn't been in any accidents, was rust-free, and even had a pretty clean interior.


In order to improve the Mustang's appearance, Musto and the rest of the Hemmings crew refreshed old components like the glass, moldings, cowl panel, tail light lenses, and interior console top.


The Hemmings team also added some mods that were common back in the '90s. The matte black cowl hood from the Classic Industries Mustang catalog gives it an aggressive look, which is accentuated by the skinny front wheels and wide rear wheels clad in racing slicks.


The 5.0 V8 was upgraded with a Procharger supercharger and intercooler, then dyno tuned to make 306 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. While that may not seem like a huge number today, it was a big increase and really wakes the car up. Musto says, "it's not violent in any way, the power delivery is just really linear."

A B&M manual valve body was added to allow the driver to control the Mustang's transmission, as well as a Moser rear end to help it put the power down reliably.


Inside the Mustang, A-pillar boost and fuel pressure gauges and an aftermarket tach were installed. "If you don't have a big tach in a period-correct Fox when you're doing a build like this, I don't care what else you do, you lost," says Musto.


With this Fox Body Rehab series complete, the '91 Mustang turned out great and reminds us of the modified muscle cars we saw on the streets in the late '80s and early '90s. We're glad we could help the Hemmings crew find the parts they needed to fulfill their vision for this Fox Body.

Check out the full Fox Body Rehab playlist on Hemmings' YouTube channel, or watch the final episode below:

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