California Bill AB 210 Proposes to Exempt Pre -1983 Vehicles From Emissions Tests

Classic Industries is all in favor of California Legislation AB 210 passing. It is incumbent that every Classic Industries customer and every automotive enthusiast who resides in California, spreads the word that this bill needs to be heard and passed. This legislation has been introduced in California to exempt motor vehicles prior to the 1983 model year from an emissions inspection requirement. Current law requires the biennial (once every other year) testing of all 1976 and newer model-year vehicles. This bill is still pending and needs a hearing in the committee by January 17. The hearing has to be scheduled prior to the legislative deadline if the bill is to move forward. 

The deadline is approaching rapidly. Help us spread the word! 

California Legislation AB 210 is well-conceived, persuasive, logical and fair-minded legislation that puts forth these facts in the bill:

AB 210 recognizes the minimal impact of pre-1983 vehicles on emissions and air quality.

AB 210 acknowledges that pre-1983 vehicles still constitute an insignificant portion of the overall vehicle population and are a poor source from which to look for emissions reduction.

AB 210 endorses the fact that pre-1983 vehicles are overwhelmingly well-maintained and infrequently driven (a fraction of the miles each year as a new vehicle).

This is nothing short of a call to arms for everyone in the state of California who owns, cares for, builds, appreciates, restores, etc. vintage cars. Contact Lawmakers. Share with your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers on social media. Let's get the word out and help to get this bill heard and passed!