Building a Dream: The Journey of Renewing a 1976 Camaro


When Robert Heil purchased his 1976 Camaro, he was 15 and didn't have a driver's license yet. It's just as well. His Camaro was missing two key items - the engine and the transmission. Over the course of the last four years, Robert has sourced all the parts he needs to get his Camaro running well and looking good.

1976 Camaro - Building & Learning as Time Passes

A well running small block Chevy V8 that's 307 cubic inches and a solid shifting TH350 automatic transmission now reside in the engine bay. He improved the exterior's appearance with a rear spoiler and installed LED headlights to better light a path ahead. Four-point safety harnesses, a 2014 Camaro center console, and LED interior lighting make the cockpit more comfortable, accommodating, and safe. Robert also rewired his Camaro with a Painless Performance Products chassis harness. 

Kudos to You, Mr. Robert Heil!

Classic Industries thanks you for your patronage. We also appreciate your sending us a photo of your 2nd generation Camaro and the details about her renovation. Congratulations on building and getting your first car running and driving as a teenager.

Being 19, there's more roads ahead of you than behind you. Have fun driving and enjoying your Camaro!

Robert Heil

Hill City, South Dakota