BBT Fab's 200-MPH Twin-Turbo 1969 Firebird


The Pontiac Firebird has one of the coolest names in automotive history and was designed with sleek aircraft-inspired styling cues to match that name. But BBT Fabrications decided to take things one step further by equipping this 1969 Firebird with enough power to achieve takeoff velocity on a mile-long runway. With its 1,400 horsepower twin-turbo V8, this Firebird practically has wings and is capable of achieving a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. The team from AutotopiaLA traveled to BBT Fab's Illinois headquarters to get a closer look at this unique build.

BBT Fabrications Twin-Turbo 1969 Firebird


BBT Fabrications took on this project for one of their customers who brought them his partially completed, Chevy-small-block-powered 1969 Firebird. Unfortunately, there were some underlying issues with the build, so they decided to start fresh with a Roadster Shop chassis and a new engine.


The Fast Track IRS chassis from Roadster Shop allowed the Firebird to sit low and provided plenty of stability for the huge horsepower that was in this car's future. Under the hood, BBT Fab installed a Butler Performance 482ci Pontiac V8 equipped with twin turbos and a wide array of custom-machined parts, such as the valve covers and intake manifold.


This motor was paired with a Tremec T-56 manual transmission equipped with straight-cut first and second gears to hold the immense power and torque. The Moser 9-inch rear end was built with a  3.00:1 gear ratio to maximize top speed potential (and limit wheelspin off the line).


This car rides on one-of-a-kind 19x9.5 front and 19x12-inch wheels clad in 265 and 345 width Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.


The body features many custom-fabricated metal elements including a unique nose and grille, rear end, side skirts, side-exit exhaust, functional hood vents, and much more. The fenders are even widened by two inches. It was finished in a beautiful deep green color originally used on the McLaren P1 exotic car.


This is definitely one of the wildest Firebird builds we've ever seen, and BBT Fab said it's their take on what a modern Firebird might look like if it was built today. They estimate more than 10,000 hours — that's over a year of round-the-clock work — were involved in getting the car to this point. At a rate of $95 per hour plus parts and materials, this car's owner spared no expense on it.

For more details and footage of the BBT Fabrication Firebird in action, watch the full video from AutotopiaLA below:

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