1972 Camaro - an Autocross Assault Vehicle


My dad gave me this car when I was 15 (15 years ago). We built this car all through my high school years. It has been on the Power Tour twice ('96 and '99). It has been in Hot Rod, Car Craft, Chevy High Performance and Super Chevy over the years. After sitting with a dead motor for 5 years we got the beast back together a week before the Good-Guys 2nd OC Get-Together and ran it on the Street Challenge Autocross course. Nick Licata – Super Chevy/Camaro Performers Test Driver took it through the cones for a 18.66 second run!

We have quite a few Classic Industries parts on it. A little here and a little there since purchasing the car in November of 1992. Thank you for helping us build our Father/Son memories.

Greg Barkley, of Clayton, California