1971 Plymouth 'Cuda - High Visibility


I have owned this 1971 'Cuda for nearly ten years now. After previously owning my first 'Cuda years ago, I knew I wanted to fully restore one, and I waited a long time to find this car. I felt very fortunate that I was finally able to buy the sheet metal to make it happen. It actually took over 8 years to accumulate all of the restoration parts I wanted for this project, and just over a year to get it into the shape you see here.

The car is a '71 'Cuda in Curious Yellow with black graphics and black vinyl top. It features a 340ci V8 engine, 727 automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes.

"Classic Industries was able to get me the parts I wasn't able to find elsewhere, helping me get the build done correctly. Thanks Classic Industries!"

Steve Biggs
San Diego, California