1970 Chevrolet C10 - From TLC TV Show Overhaulin'

front 1000 px C10

Alonzo loves his 1970 Chevy truck because of the engine inside; he built it with his late father. Overhaulin' gave it a rebuild, along with the rest of the ride. The hideout for this adventure was Classic Industries. Chris and A.J. brought the truck to Chip and the gang. This happened as Alonzo was returning home from abroad; he's a Marine Sergeant, and if that wasn't special enough, Alonzo's wife, insider Nicole, is ALSO a Marine Sergeant.

Alonzo returned from Iraq shortly after the build began. He was shocked to learn that his truck had been stolen. After getting low-balled by an insurance adjuster played by Chris, Alonzo later learned that parts of his truck were recovered. Chris played double-duty as he then confronted the mark as the law, showing Alonzo the discovered truck parts. Of course, it wasn't long before the cat jumped out of the bag and Alonzo was told that he had been Overhauled. Hauled down to Classic Industries, the shocked Marine saw his reinvented truck. He also learned that his wife Nicole was also in on this whole operation. Alonzo was stunned as he confronted his '70 truck, along with its expertly rebuilt engine.

engine 1000

dash 1000 px

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Alonzo Baxter
Mission Viejo, California