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1969 Camaro SS - Father-Son Project

1969 Camaro LSX 2.jpg

Restoring a classic car can be a great bonding experience that bridges the gap between generations. A parent may have fond memories of driving a specific car during their youth, and can share that with their children, allowing them to make memories of their own behind the wheel. Seeing through a restoration project to completion isn't always easy, but it's certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

1969 Camaro LSX 5.jpg

Jason Coleman, of Georgetown, Kentucky, built the 1969 Camaro SS seen here with the help of his father. The pair got the car in October 2000, when Jason was 17 years old. They set out to build it into something truly unique, and embarked together on a journey that would take nearly 15 years.

1969 Camaro LSX 6.jpg

The car was stripped down to its bare frame, and rebuilt from the ground up with no detail overlooked. The sheetmetal was smoothed and painted gloss black, and its L-88 style hood was accented with a wide white stripe. New front and rear bumpers, trim, headlamps and tail lamps were installed to finish off the body.

The interior was also restored with new carpet, inner door parts, gauges, and dash pad from the Classic Industries catalog.

1969 Camaro LSX 4.jpg

Jason's camaro rides on a lowered suspension, with bright red Wilwood brake calipers framed by a set of staggered black multi-spoke wheels with brushed aluminum lips. This setup provides excellent traction for racing events, such as the Classic Industries F-Body Nationals event where we met Jason.

1969 Camaro LSX 1.jpg

In order to match this aggressive stance and precise handling with plenty of horsepower, Jason and his father picked up an LS1 V8 engine and added some mods. A high-performance cam, FAST 92mm intake, Nick Williams 92mm throttle body, and Hooker headers. This was all paired to a Tremec TKO-600 5-speed manual transmission.

1969 Camaro LSX 3.jpg

Jason says he drives his 1969 Camaro SS any time the weather is nice, and often takes it to local shows. He enjoyed the process of building it with his dad, and it puts a smile on his face every time he hits the go-fast pedal.

If you have a Camaro restoration project, whether it's father-son, mother-daughter, or a solo build, Classic Industries can help you complete it. Click the button below for a free full-color Camaro restoration parts catalog.