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1964 Chevy C10 - Keep On Truckin'


Pickup trucks are designed for utility, and as a result many of them end up living a long, hard life full of dings, dents, scratches, and scuffs. This is why we love to see classic trucks restored to like-new condition. It gives these utilitarian vehicles a new lease on life, erasing the scars of decades past and allowing them to start with a clean slate once more. Antonio Ortiz, of Cerritos, California, restored this 1964 C10 and now uses it as his daily-driver.


Antonio tells us that he is the third owner of this '64 C10, and that it has always resided in California since it was purchased brand new. He wanted to keep its original style throughout the restoration process, and this shows through its simple yet elegant appearance.


The C10 features a fresh coat of glossy gray paint with white accents on the doors, bedsides, and cab roof. All exterior elements have been restored to original spec, including the bumpers, trim, mirrors, emblems, grille, and lighting. The truck rides on black steel wheels with chrome trim rings, chrome hub caps, and wide whitewall tires.


The C10's interior has also undergone a full original-style restoration, including new bench seat upholstery, carpet, steering wheel, and gauges. Antonio drives the truck every day, so a clean and comfortable interior was essential.


The C10 is powered by a rebuilt straight-six engine and automatic transmission, staying true to the original-style theme. Antonio loves cruising in his '64 C10, and he's glad he was able to give this old workhorse a new life.

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