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'69 Pontiac Firebird - Ahead of Schedule

1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible restoration
With restored sheetmetal, modern five-spoke wheels, and a fresh 400ci V8 under hood, this Pontiac makes for a fantastic daily-driver.

If you've ever restored a car, you know that setting an accurate timeline for the project can be a difficult task. Everyone starts out ambitious, excited, and ready to complete the build as soon as possible. Then, nine times out of ten, life gets in the way. Often, the car gets rolled into a garage or covered up, not to see the light of day for years at a time. Occasionally, projects are completely forgotten, left to rust and be resurrected as barn finds years later.

1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible restoration

Chrome exhaust tips and a white cloth top give this clean Pontiac some extra flair.

Mike Graf, of Hawthorne, California, feared that this common pitfall would affect the '69 Firebird he planned to restore. In fact, he dubbed it "Project 2023" after its expected completion date. However, not long after starting the build, he found himself ahead of schedule. In fact, within only six months of purchasing the car, it was fully restored. Happily, "Project 2023" had become "Project 2014".

The convertible Pontiac has been painstakingly restored with glossy blue paint and a white soft top. The wheel arches are filled nicely by a set of modern gunmetal five-spokes, and chrome exhaust tips protrude from beneath the rear bumper. Under the hood, you'll find a brand-new high-performance 400ci V8.

We're glad to see that Mike finished his project in no time, but we know that's not the case for everyone. If you're in need of parts or assistance with your project, come by our showroom—we've got a massive supply of parts in stock and available for pick-up. Or, check out our website to shop online.