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'66 Dodge Coronet - A True Survivor

This pristine car features the rare factory optional 426ci Hemi motor, which pumps out a substantial 425hp. One blip of the throttle, and you'll know it's no ordinary Coronet.

The term "survivor" invokes images of doing battle and coming out unscathed, against all the odds. Similarly, when applied to a classic car, the term "survivor" indicates a vehicle that has endured the passing of many miles and decades in near-untouched factory condition. These unlikely survivors still look brand-new, without the aid of extensive restoration work.

The 1966 Dodge Coronet coupe pictured here is a true survivor, and a rare one at that. It rolled off the assembly line with a potent 426ci Hemi motor and two four-barrel carburetors, producing a whopping 425hp. This '66 model is one of under 1000 cars outfitted with the upgraded Hemi option. As if that wasn't enough, it only has 74,500 original miles on the clock.

1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi The original red paint still glistens on this vintage Mopar B-body. It's almost hard to believe it hasn't been fully restored.

Amazingly, this classic Dodge looks as good as it does thanks to meticulous care and maintenance by its owner, Richard Van Eyk, of Huntington Beach, California. Richard brought it by our local showroom, and we couldn't wait to get a closer look. It really is a beauty in person, and its condition speaks to how much he cares for it.

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