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1978 Pontiac Trans Am - Gold Dust


Like many auto enthusiasts, Leo Logacho's love for classic cars began at a young age. Leo's father owned a Trans Am Special Edition, painted in an eye-catching metallic gold color. He loved everything about his dad's car—the vibrant paint, the hood bird decal, the wide tires, and the deep rumble of the big V8 engine.


All those childhood memories stuck with Leo, who now lives in Santa Fe Springs, California. So, seven years ago, Leo bought a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am of his own in the very same color.


When he bought the car, it was in extremely rough shape, but still all original. Leo began the restoration process, using many replacement parts from the Classic Industries Firebird catalog. He also pulled out the original numbers-matching 6.6-liter V8 engine and transmission, and had them rebuilt to factory specs. While he was working on the powertrain, he also refreshed the suspension and brakes with brand new parts.


Now, the car purrs smoothly at idle and roars when he stomps the loud pedal. It also stops and corners better than ever. With only 90,000 original miles on the odometer, this Trans Am is like new again.


Leo enjoys driving his T/A on weekends, and displaying it at local car shows in southern California. Although his restoration project is mostly finished, he comes by the Classic Industries Retail Showroom whenever he needs replacement parts or maintenance items.

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