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Buick Regal Catalogs Now Available

GN87_1Classic Industries, the recognized leader in the restoration parts industry, has recently announced the addition of 1978-87 Buick Regals catalog line. From its aggressive design to the well-fortified option list; the 2nd generation Buick Regal’s popularity has always been steady. The most sought after type of Regal is, of course, the turbocharged model — the option that catapulted this particular G-body to legendary status. In the world of Regals, turbo Regals have always been, and always will be desirable to own and drive. For fans of turbos and non-turbos alike, there are plenty of Regals still for sale in various conditions. Thanks to Classic Industries, the dilemma of finding replacement parts won’t be such a nightmare.


Regals of that era are in need of replacing severely worn items, such as door handles and hinges, carpet and upholstery, and bumper fillers to name a few. Some of these items can be hard to come by, and even if they are available, can be very expensive. Now, owners need not stress over the lack of parts suppliers anymore! Classic Industries boasts the most comprehensive selection of parts and accessories for Buick Regal, Grand National, T-Type, or Turbo-T.

Buick Regal Grand National catalog video 2

The Regal Catalog is More Than Just Restoration

The new Buick Regal Catalog line will not only focus on reproduction and restoration components but also custom upgrades for the performance enthusiast as well. From a wide variety of drivetrain components, to complete suspension and brake upgrades, the new catalog will feature available upgrades from some of the most popular aftermarket brands in the business.


Watch the video below as Genevieve Chappell of Street Muscle Magazine talks to our own Craig “Jersey” Maiorana about Classic Industries’ new Buick Regal catalog line.

If you own a Regal, then Classic Industries is a great place to start with parts. You have the option of a full color printed version or the convenience of downloading now! Order your 1978-87 Buick Regal Catalog today!