65 Impala SS - A Clean Slate


John Agres, of Costa Mesa, California, had always wanted a '65 Impala SS. He had long been a fan of the sleek styling of this Chevy coupe, but he wanted to find a completely stock model to start his restoration project—a clean slate, so to speak. Fortunately for John, he came across this '65 about 14 years ago, and knew it was the one.


When John bought the car, it was bone stock, but in "40 years used" condition, in his words. He began restoring the car, eventually getting it to the beautiful condition seen here. John also added a few modifications along the way. The 18-inch RT5-brand wheels look similar to Cragar wheels, but with a deep-dish lip. The car was also repainted in its original white color, and the exterior trim and lighting was refreshed.

The '65 Impala's interior has also been reworked, changing from the original blue upholstery to white. Door panels were special-ordered without holes for the window cranks or locks, since John converted them to a powered configuration. A modern sound system was also installed, with an amplifier and sub box inside the cavernous trunk.


This Impala is powered by a built 327ci V8, paired with a 700R4 automatic transmission. New black paint, hoses, and engine accessories clean up the engine bay considerably.


John likes to cruise with his friend Andy Uphoff, who owns the custom '65 Impala wagon we featured recently. The two enjoy showing their Impalas off at events and cruise nights, and they got lots of attention as the two cars pulled up to our Retail Showroom together.

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3 thoughts on “65 Impala SS - A Clean Slate

  1. How did He achieve the stance. I have a 65 Impala I was thinking about a 2" drop spindles. What would you say are my options?

  2. A beautiful car. I am not a 'big wheel' fan but I think the grille cries out for the Vertical strips to be painted flat black. Gives the Illusion of a tube grille while keeping the stock one. I did it on my '63 409 SS and it looked great to me.
    Enjoy your ride.

  3. reference gentleman with 65 impala no start just clicks, i assume it does it when the engine is, and turn off and try to restart. this is problem or 454,s due to manifold close to starter, solenoid gets hot and will not produce enough amps to start, takes about 50a. serveral things can be done but best fix is install an external solenoid via ford style. this will solve the oh solenoid problem. had this problem on my 454, also have saw others with same problem. hope this helps you solve the problem. joe l.

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