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1969 Camaro Resto Mod - Slick RS

Red white 69 Camaro RS 02

Here at the Classic Industries retail showroom, we're always on the lookout for cool customer cars that show up in our Parking Lot. Some are more subtle than others, but this 1969 Camaro resto mod was definitely hard to miss. Its eye-catching red paint, white stripes, and 18-inch chrome wheels immediately grabbed our attention, and we stepped outside to check it out.

Red white 69 Camaro RS 07

This Camaro belongs to Zahid Nazarzai, of Anaheim, California. Zahid was happy to chat with us about the car, and told us he has been a lifelong Chevy fan, growing up around cars like this one. After eventually finding a Camaro of his own, Zahid spent four long years restoring it, and did virtually all of the work himself.

Red white 69 Camaro RS 01

Zahid said he wanted to keep an original appearance, but add some custom touches along the way to help his Camaro stand out. A lowered suspension with chrome 5-spoke wheels and low-profile tires gave him a good head start in that direction. He also added a 2-inch cowl hood, drilled and slotted disc brakes, and a billet steering wheel to the mix.

Red white 69 Camaro RS 06

Under the hood of this '69, there's a lightly modified 350ci engine and TH-350 automatic transmission. A performance dual exhaust gives the car the appropriate rumble as Zahid cruises the California streets.

Red white 69 Camaro RS 05

Since the car gets driven almost every day, occasionally the need arises to replace wear items, so Zahid stops by our showroom whenever he needs parts. As with any other project, it's never quite finished, so more modifications and modernizations will likely make their way onto the car as time passes.

Red white 69 Camaro RS 04

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Red white 69 Camaro RS 03