1986 Pontiac Trans Am - Third Gen Restoration

White 86 Trans Am 01

We're always glad to see the third-gen F-body cars getting the appreciation they deserve. Ten or fifteen years ago, few people would have considered the 1982-92 Firebirds and Trans Ams candidates for restoration, but now that these cars are becoming more collectible, the prices for clean examples are on the rise. This white 1986 Trans Am is one of the cleanest we've seen, and shows how much these cars stand out in 2015.

The '86 T/A seen here belongs to Gerald Prisco, of Lake Forest, California. Gerald is the original owner of the car, and bought it new while he was in high school. The car is nearly spotless inside and out, and mostly stock, too. The only notable deviation from stock is under the hood: a high-performance ATK 350ci crate motor. Gerald tells us he was running the car hard at the track, and ended up blowing the old 305ci motor, so he replaced it with the bigger ATK crate engine for more horsepower. Otherwise, the car retains its original Tuned Port Injection system and automatic transmission.

White 86 Trans Am 06

Gerald has taken care with this third gen restoration project to apply new gold exterior decals and polish all painted surfaces to a glossy shine. Any time a part begins to show wear, he stops by the Classic Industries showroom and picks up a replacement, keeping the car looking brand new at all times.

White 86 Trans Am 02

We're glad to see guys like Gerald keeping their third-gens alive and well, and we're sure these cars are only going to get more popular as the years go by. If you've got a third-gen Camaro, click here to see what we have to offer, and if you've got a Firebird or Trans Am of your own, click the button below for a free parts catalog!


3 thoughts on “1986 Pontiac Trans Am - Third Gen Restoration

  1. Awesome third gen! Classic Industries- Please consider stocking/making more third gen parts! Particularly more interior parts like center consoles, radio/ac pods and interior panels. Just more parts all around! Third gen Firebirds rule! I am doing a "unibody" up restoration of a 87 Trans Am ! Hoping to keep it all stock. Finding good condition parts is a real challenge!

    • H Adam, thanks for your feedback! We love Third-Gens, too. Unfortunately, Classic Industries does not manufacture parts, so we are only able to offer the Third-Gen Camaro and Firebird parts that are currently being produced by other manufacturers. However, we are always on the lookout for new parts for these models, and as soon as they become available, we do our very best to get them in stock.

      Good luck with your '87 Trans Am project, and please give us a call if you need help finding specific parts for it. Thank you.

  2. As people my age (44) get older and start looking for their high school dream car (IROC Z, GTA, Grand National, Mustang 5.0) the prices are going to explode on 3rd gen. They are the GTO of the future.

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