1985 Buick Regal - A Tribute to Mom

Cars are often closely tied to our relationships with family and friends, but even more so with our parents. We'd be willing to bet you have vivid memories of your parents' cars from your childhood. You may recall these vehicles from long road trips, rides to school, or even from helping rebuild and maintain them. After a while, some of these vehicles may start to feel like members of the family. This was the case for Farid Wadood, of Los Angeles, California, and his mom's 1985 Buick Regal.

'64 Impala SS - The Gold Standard

The '64 Impala is what a student of literature might call an archetype. This word is defined as "the original pattern or model of after which all others are based". Essentially, an archetype is something that perfectly exemplifies a certain purpose or style. So, what exactly does the '64 Impala exemplify? Lowriding. The '64 Impala has become so closely linked with lowrider culture, it's almost hard to see the car built any other way.

'63 Impala SS - Lowrider Heritage

Under the hood of this Impala, you'll find a fully rebuilt and modified 350ci small-block. Ernesto tells us he prefers the bare aluminum and black powdercoated parts over chrome, since he didn't want the car looking too flashy.

Every classic car has a story behind it—it's one of our favorite things about these vintage machines. Some have been bought, sold, abandoned, restored, and customized multiple times throughout their lifetimes. Others are left to rust for decades at a time, only to be later discovered and finally appreciated. Others, still, are meticulously cared for by their original owners from day one.

How Do Lightweight Wheels Affect Your Car's Performance?

There's no question about it — one of the most important parts of any classic car project is choosing the right set of wheels. First of all, you've got to pick the right style. Do you want vintage rallye wheels, classic mag five-spokes, or something more aggressive and modern? Then, you've got to select the right bolt pattern and size, and make sure the offset and backspacing are correct for your vehicle. However, there's one more crucial point to consider before making your decision — wheel weight. A set of lightweight wheels can noticeably improve your car's performance.