1969 Barracuda - Pop's Mopar

As classic car owners, we often develop a close connection with our vehicles and feel that they're irreplaceable. It's an understandable result of investing so much time, money, and sweat into making them look and run like new again. But few owners have a closer bond with their cars than those who inherited them from a family member. Angel Garrido received this 1969 Barracuda from his father, who bought it brand new in November of 1968. It's practically a four-wheeled member of the family at this point.

1968 Nova SS - Troublemaker

The 383 stroker motor's low rumble and lopey idle reveal this Nova's high-performance intentions even before the cowl hood is popped.

No matter who you are or what your upbringing was like, it's likely that you remember your first time driving a fast car. It's a feeling of heart-stopping exhilaration to put your foot to the floor, hear the engine roar to life, and feel yourself thrust forward as the tires scream for mercy. The experience is so life-changing that it even transcends generations, as the pursuit of speed passes from parents to their children.

'67 Camaro SS/RS - Immaculate Drop-Top

This '67 convertible looks sharp with its vibrant red paint, chrome Cragar wheels, and white nose stripe.

When you've got a classic car you truly care about, keeping it clean is a never-ending labor of love. It gets dusted, washed, waxed, buffed, and polished, until you're painfully aware of every last imperfection. Some of us spend hours meticulously polishing the chrome, or detailing the interior, until our significant others complain that we don't even give them this much attention.

Tim Bair, of Huntington Beach, California, is obsessed with keeping his '67 Camaro sparkling clean, and for good reason. After all, he bought the car with earnings from his metal polishing and plating company, California Polishing. One look at the car tells you that Tim is good at what he does—it is simply immaculate.