1972 GMC Truck - Classic C2500

In today's world of extremes, subtlety is an often underrated trait. When it comes to automotive restoration, there's certainly nothing wrong with building a vehicle that turns heads everywhere it goes, but sometimes it's nice to fly under the radar. Tony Pellegrino, the owner of this 1972 GMC truck, wanted to build a pickup¬†that featured tasteful modifications without going over-the-top. So, he chose a 3/4-ton C2500 long bed model with … Continue reading »

'71 K5 Blazer - Legendary Legacy

Like the demise of an endangered species, it's always hard to see a classic car model line come to an end. Whether it's due to changing consumer needs, rising gas prices, or corporate accountants saying the vehicle isn't profitable anymore,¬†far too many great car platforms have met an untimely end over the years. Although it's sad, this process provides classic car enthusiasts like us with a unique opportunity to preserve … Continue reading »

CW Restorations Cameo

The team at CW Restoration Shop did not disappoint with their latest project for the recently concluded 2013 SEMA conference. This year, they turned their efforts to a rare 1957 Cameo.

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