Clear Vue Valve Covers - PowerNation TV

The term "torture test" is thrown around a lot in the automotive aftermarket, but what does it really mean? A torture-tested part is used in an extreme scenario that shows what it's truly made of, and whether it can stand up to the abuse. Here at Classic Industries, we like seeing our parts pushed to the limit on cutting-edge builds, so when PowerNation told us they wanted to try our Clear … Continue reading »

Hardware not included.

Don't re-assemble your project with used nuts and bolts, start your restoration with the right hardware. All of it. Let Classic Industries simplify your project with one of our convenient hardware kits. No dirty nuts and no rusty bolts. Just brand new fasteners, sorted and labeled to make sure your vehicle has the same grade of hardware as the day it left the factory, with no missing or leftover pieces.

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Understeer vs Oversteer

In the general sense, the Guldstrand Mod offers better cornering performance with no other changes to the stock suspension.

Technically speaking, the Guldstrand Mod maximizes the tire contact patch under cornering by moving the upper control arm pivot points down 3/4", raising the roll center and improving the camber curve. It also makes the steering more responsive because it relocates the spindle 1/4" towards the rear, causing positive caster.

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Classic Industries Resurrects Rare Firebird Z20 Appearance Package

Firebird Z20 Spoilers Rise Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Pontiac history. While owners of early F-bodies have access to reproduction and replacement parts for virtually any limited production package conceived, owners of Pontiac's third generation Firebird and Trans Am models have had to hunt for suitable used parts at junkyards, swap meets, online auctions, and message boards. 1988 Firebird Z20 models were equipped with wheel spoilers, also called … Continue reading »

B1719 grill

Impala, Bel Air, and Biscayne owners wanting to restore their exterior now have a new option in this all-new OER reproduction grill for 1964 full size B-Body models. This all-new grill assembly has been manufactured from completely new tooling to reproduce the original appearance and fit better than any front grill on the market. Each complete assembly includes the upper reinforcement bar, center support bracket, grill reinforcements, and outer fender attachments. The beautifully polished aluminum grill is accented by correct satin black paint details.

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The Classic Industries Credit Card

Not Your Typical Credit Card Offer: The Classic Industries VISA Platinum Rewards Card For enthusiasts, building cars is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! The color of the card in your wallet can be a symbol of status and prestige, but for the automotive enthusiast, carrying a Classic Industries Visa Platinum Rewards card makes a bigger statement. If you’re a die-hard gear head who is unimpressed with run-of-the-mill credit … Continue reading »

Is your 5th Gen Camaro suspension too soft?

Ready For A 5th Gen Camaro Suspension Upgrade? So, your recently-purchased 5th generation Camaro no longer smells of new car. It doesn’t even smell certified pre-owned. The honeymoon is winding down and the onset of familiarity is unmistakable. You are now entering a phase familiar to many a modern gearhead, and it almost always begins shortly before the warranty ends. Now is the time for modifications, or mods, to use … Continue reading »

1968-72 Chevy II / Nova SS Hood Louvers and Bezels

Beautiful new die-cast reproductions of the finned style hood louvers originally installed on 1968-72 Chevy II and Nova Super Sport models. Each louver is an exact reproduction of the original with black paint and chrome accents for an authentic factory appearance. Installation hardware and seals are included with the louvers. The bezels are manufactured from new tooling with a bright chrome finish and correct mounting tabs as original. Hood louver … Continue reading »

Repair Your Scratched Dash Lens With OER® Secret Formula

Fixing a Scratched Dash Lens If your vehicle has scratched, hazy instruments, you may need to clean and polish your dash lens. Scratched dash lens repair is a very simple process, and it's a great way to refresh the look and feel of your interior, and Classic Industries is here to help. Firstly, you'll want to remove your lens from the instrument housing. This process varies from car to car, … Continue reading »

W23 Recall Wheels

Once upon a time, one of Chrysler's wheel manufacturers came up with a cast aluminum wheel design that drew inspiration from magnesium wheels used on mid sixties Cobras. It was offered as an option under Sales Code W23. Unfortunately, aluminum casting was a recent innovation, and later tests showed that W23 wheels had a tendency to cause the lug nuts to loosen, allowing the wheels to come off. Chrysler issued a recall barely a week before the cars were officially available.

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