Wheel Backspacing and Offset - Understanding the Wheel

What are wheel backspacing and offset? What's the difference? Unless you go through a lot of different wheels and tires or spend your free time with suspension engineering, the terms backspacing and offset probably do not come up very often. Thankfully, Classic Industries is here to help with simple explanations and a useful diagram. What is Wheel Backspacing? Backspacing is the simply the distance from the bolt circle mounting surface … Continue reading »

W23 Recall Wheels

Once upon a time, one of Chrysler's wheel manufacturers came up with a cast aluminum wheel design that drew inspiration from magnesium wheels used on mid sixties Cobras. It was offered as an option under Sales Code W23. Unfortunately, aluminum casting was a recent innovation, and later tests showed that W23 wheels had a tendency to cause the lug nuts to loosen, allowing the wheels to come off. Chrysler issued a recall barely a week before the cars were officially available.

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