1972 K5 Blazer Restoration - Daily-Driven Project

K5—the mere mention of this model designation gets the attention of Chevy truck fans everywhere. The term "K5" was first applied to the first-generation 1969-1972 Chevy Blazer, in order to differentiate this short-wheelbase 4x4 from its C10 and C20 truck brethren. Fortunately for GM, the Blazer was a huge hit, continuing production as a full-size model for more than two decades. GM truck enthusiasts, classic truck fans, and off-roaders love the platform for its … Continue reading »

'71 K5 Blazer - Legendary Legacy

Like the demise of an endangered species, it's always hard to see a classic car model line come to an end. Whether it's due to changing consumer needs, rising gas prices, or corporate accountants saying the vehicle isn't profitable anymore, far too many great car platforms have met an untimely end over the years. Although it's sad, this process provides classic car enthusiasts like us with a unique opportunity to preserve … Continue reading »