Foreign Order FAQ

Can you ship my order in one box to reduce shipping costs?

Yes. If all items in your order can be packed together safely to prevent damage from occurring while in transit, then we always attempt to use the least amount of shipping boxes for each order.


Why does my order appear on back order if all items were in stock when I placed my order online?

All orders shipping overseas are automatically placed on hold until we can provide a shipping quote. The entire order will appear on back order until we determine your shipping cost is determined

You will receive an email from within 48-72 hours detailing your shipping options.


Why do I have to pay a sales tax if my order is shipping to a freight forwarder?

If we arrange to ship an order from our warehouse to any location within California, sales tax must be applied to that order. To avoid paying sales tax, you may arrange for an authorized freight carrier to pick up the order from our warehouse instead.

To arrange this type of pick up, you must provide us with the freight carrier’s name, address and phone number. We will then contact the freight carrier to arrange a pick up time and date. The order must be prepaid.


Do you ship overseas? What is the shipping cost for overseas orders?

Yes, we process foreign orders. Please contact and provide the complete billing and shipping address as well as a phone number for each location. Please include the part number(s) that you are interested in. For more information, see our foreign order policy.